Welcome to our website and blog….a refreshing way for us to do what we love best: entertain and help others. We are a unique couple, not only because of our careers, style and charisma, but also our carefree and adventurous approach to life and raising our young children. This is our organized way to provide insight into the Southern California family life of a busy plastic surgeon, a beauty queen with multiple past titles, and our three adorable children. Within this context we will provide many useful beauty, fashion, health, fitness and of course, plastic surgery and skin care tips for individuals outside of this multi-billion dollar industry we navigate together on a daily basis. 

We have come to realize our unique interests and extensive experiences have provided us a wealth of knowledge and discerning perspective on multiple industries related to beauty and plastic surgery. We understand that many people find these topics difficult to approach and aggravating to navigate, but our insight and information will make it easier. As you join us on this journey, you will receive insight through photos and detailed reviews on various items that are hot in fashion and beauty, where to find bargain options across these industries, the products we feel are necessary and which you should avoid.

In addition, you will see how we stay fit through creative fitness and meal plans and receive tips on how to fit them into your busy schedules. An added bonus is the information, images and recommendations we will provide during our frequent travels to some of our favorite exotic destinations for wine, food, surfing, scuba diving, skiing, hiking, and family fun. We are confident you will find our approach to be brutally honest and refreshing and want this to become interactive and helpful for our followers and friends. Enjoy this candid peek into our crazy lives!

Dr. Michael Rossi

Michael is the true definition of everything I dreamt of in a husband, yet so much more. He is an amazing father and one heck of a good surgeon! Growing up the oldest of nine (yes 9) children, in a family surrounded by medicine and helping others, taught him to be protective, caring, honest, and a social animal. Throughout my years of knowing my husband, he continues to awe me in his thoughtful and approachable nature. He is always putting others first and considering other's feelings. I know this is one of the reasons why his patients love him and his bedside manor is above all expectations. Along with Michael’s compassion, comes his strong sense of protection. This man would go to the end of the earth to protect his family and those he loves. He is extremely loyal, and people always feel this warmth while around him.

I could go on and on about why I love this man, and I am sure you will see it everyday through this site, but let’s talk about the fashion and social animal I mentioned! One of our favorite past times together is shopping, he has such an eye for style and what accentuates the body! Plus, I think he could pull-off any outfit! Besides this, his pure knack in organizing social activities is beyond words. In any given circumstance, we will run into someone he knows. Even when we don’t have plans, I never worry, he will come up with the most amazing adventure!  Michael is an avid skier, scuba-diver, surfer, and sports enthusiast.   

The last and most endearing quality is my husband as “daddy”. He is extremely dedicated to our children. He loves playing with the girls, reading them books and painting their nails. You can always find him throwing a ball with Gavin or the two of them cuddled up watching sports. He is not afraid to love on his babies, that is for sure!

As a busy Plastic Surgeon in Southern California, it amazes me how he glides through life effortlessly. Always accomplishing everything he needs and never missing a detail, and none of it at the expense of spending time with myself and the kids. He has everything to be proud of with all he has accomplished, but he is extremely humble and grateful for all he has.

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Lindsey Rossi

Lindsey Rossi

written by Michael Rossi

Lindsey is quite simply put, the most amazing human I have ever come across. This is indeed cliche, and as her husband, exactly what you would expect me to say, but I genuinely mean this with every piece of my being. She inspires me every single day to be a better doctor, person, friend, husband, father, and citizen.

Lindsey grew up with humble beginnings in a small town outside of Springfield, IL and was raised by a single parent. As you can expect, this forced her to grow up pretty early in life and she played a large role in helping raise her little sister alongside her mother. Unlike many individuals who use their negative life circumstances as an excuse for failure, or a reason to be bitter about the world around them, this instead lit a fire to succeed that burns so bright inside Lindsey it is infectious. It also planted the seeds of her compassion for others and desire to help anyone in less fortunate circumstances than herself. 

In addition to her nurturing personality, Lindsey is incredibly intelligent, genuine and socially savvy. She is instantly likable and approachable and you will never find an individual with a negative thing to say about her. Growing up in humble circumstances, she found joy in competing in beauty pageants and athletics, as  both of these stoked her competitive nature. She won many pageants and even competed at a national level in 2014 (Mrs. United States Pageant) and again in 2015 (Mrs. International Pageant) after winning very competitive Mrs. Illinois state pageants. People who meet Lindsey instantly know she’s far from the “pageant girl” the media likes to portray. She’s very humble and uses her successes and notoriety to push her ever-evolving platforms for helping others.

In addition to what Lindsey is “known for”, she also puts incredible time and effort into her amazing career at Genentech, a top biotech company in the world, and is one of the most natural mothers to our three beautiful children and “household bosses” I have ever met. 

Young women and mothers gravitate to Lindsey because of her busy lifestyle, yet seamless ability to remain on top of beauty and fashion trends, look gorgeous, dedicate time to physical fitness and maintain a healthy diet without adversely affecting her devotion to our family. She volunteers in multiple organizations for less fortunate families, serves as the classroom mom and chaired parent teacher organizations at our children’s schools, and organizes philanthropies and countless meetings with her company each year.

Simply put, Lindsey is grace, beauty, and style with an edge that makes her more relatable and entertaining.  She is a special individual brought into this world to change it for the better and this is a great opportunity for everyone to see the many sides of her personality that make her so unique. 


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