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Let's talk Bikini's!

One of my most favorite things about my husband, well there are a lot of things actually, is his unapologetic sense of style.  I think some people fear wearing things that push the envelope.  They fear what others think, will say, or how they will feel.  Not Michael, if he likes it, he wears it, and it always looks great.  He knows how to push style just far enough to really make a statement without going overboard.  Lucky for me, he helps me with my style too!  Not that I can’t shop on my own, but he definitely helps me up my game.  He can see things I cannot, and he encourages me to try new styles. 


One area he really excels in is swimwear.  This is a tricky topic.  Swimwear is tough because you really need to find the right type and styles for your body, functionality, and comfort.  Living in California, I have learned on all beaches, swimming suits are not getting bigger.  A lot of these “tiny” styles scared me.  At first, I was a bit shy and not confident.  However, after choosing the right styles, I found you can rock these suits with class and style.  I work really hard for a healthy, fit body by eating right and exercising.  Choosing a healthy way of life, is not something that should be covered up or cause one to be self-conscious.  Our bodies are a beautiful thing that give us life and thus should be celebrated.  I feel an attitude such as this creates respect and regard for your physical body, while displaying femininity. 


The best part of all this, my husband picks out and buys ALL of my bikinis.  It is so sweet because he is so proud of me and the care I give my body.  It takes a lot of confidence from a husband to want to show off his wife, this is just a direct representation of how absolutely amazing our relationship is!!!  So, the thoughts behind my suits, are a proud husband enjoying his lovely wife.  Makes you look at these bikini’s a little different now, right?


Check out some of these super stylish suits Michael has found for me!

This is an Australian company with super cute suits, colors and materials.  The brick red, green, light nude, and black suits are from Batari Swimwear.

Inamorata is a swimwear company by San Diego native Emily Ratajkowski.  The fabrics are great and the styles are simple yet cute and stylish.  All of the suits are named after places in the San Diego area!  The white suit I am wearing is the Las Olas top and bottom.  I also have the black one too!



So I LOOVE make-up!  Over the last month, I have be testing out LimeLight make-up.  Before choosing it, I wanted a make-up that would be professional grade, have great pigments, a beautiful finish, and still cater to my sensitive skin.  Find the full review on our Lifestyle Blog under "Beauty"!

I hate when I wake up in the morning and have that question “what am I going to wear to work today?” As I’m sure many of you also ask yourself this same question. I thought it would be fun to start posting some of my work outfits to give you inspiration on how to find fun, fresh and fabulous clothes for your day-to-day job. When I moved to California I cleaned out my closet and decided I needed a fresh start. I’ll share some of these looks and also some of the new ones I come up with over time. I would be remiss if I didn’t add pictures and information about my husband’s outfits as well. We all know he has a insanely fantastic sense of style himself. In fact, you may be surprised to hear that most of my outfits were probably chosen by him! Click the button below to go to our lifestyle blog in the beauty section and you can read the full posts and see pics of the different outfits!