Dress Shopping!

The Mrs. California America Pageant is coming up in just 3.5 short months!  I don't know about you, but the days seem to fly by!  Next thing I know, April 4th will be here, and I want to be ready!  Thank you to Caitlyn at Prevue for helping me find the MOST AMAZING evening gown.  I can't wait to share it will you all in April!  No peaking until then!!


Mrs. San Diego Co. 2019


Guess who came along with me!  He is always with me 100% of the way.  This pageant isn't about me, its about "us"!  Doesn't he look handsome?!

I am SUPER EXCITED to say I just had my pageant headshots taken!! I cannot wait to see the final product and update them on here!!



Mrs. San Diego Co. 2019

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My time with Kindergartners

Every week, I get the opportunity to volunteer with Kindergartners.  We read, learn, play games, and much more.  I love the innocence, loving nature, and eagerness to learn, and creativity of these little sweethearts!

My Time with Kindegartners

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Care & Share

This holiday season we collected gifts for a family in need.  We shopped, wrapped, and delivered!

Holiday Care & Share

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Del Mar Foundation

Michael and I support our local beach in Del Mar through the Del Mar Foundation. 

Del Mar Beach Foundation


Horizon Christian Fellowship Christmas Celebration

My family and I supported the Horizon Christian Fellowship in Rancho Santa Fe.  Such a fun event with a petting zoo, camel rides, a snow hill, food trucks and a living nativity!

Horizon Christian Fellowship Christmas Celebration


Horizon Christian Fellowship

I love spending time with these amazing children!  They are so much fun!

My little loves... 

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Horizon Christian Fellowship

As one of the newest members of the committee, I can't wait to help plan the 2019 event!!

2019 Art of Fashion

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Horizon Christian Fellowship

So happy and blessed to be a member of The Country Friends!!

Giving Hearts Gala

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Horizon Christian Fellowship

Meeting with these lovely 7th graders, we discussed vulnerability and human trafficking.  

Girls Inc, SD

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Fox 5 San Diego

Making an appearance at the Fox 5 San Diego Station supporting Michael on the news!

Fox 5 San Diego Morning News

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Care & Share

My cute little elf helping me deliver the gifts!

Delivering Gifts

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Winter Solstice

We took the kids to the Winter Solstice celebration at Del Mar Beach.  They had live music, hot cocoa, and a beautiful sunset!!

Winter Solstice Party

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Horizon Christian Fellowship

Waiting for the much anticipated camel rides....  Gavin took Liv and it was suuuper cute!

Horizon Christian Fellowship


Horizon Christian Fellowship

I got to cheer on all the kids as they finished each lap of the run!  So fun!

2019 Fun Run

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Horizon Christian Fellowship

Volunteering with Girls Inc. teaches girls to be Strong. Smart. and Bold.  Today we discussed perception and the Girls Inc. Bill of Rights.   

Girls Inc. 

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Horizon Christian Fellowship

As Mrs. San Diego Co., I got to share so much information and insight on the Mrs. California and Mrs. America organization and the positive impact it has had on my life.

Giving Hearts Gala

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Fox 5 San Diego

Our first visit and tour of the Fox 5 studio.  It was so fun and a beautiful place!

Fox 5 Station Tour

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Care & Share

All of our wrapping... DONE!

Care & Share 

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Winter Solstice

Gia and Gavin enjoying Winter Solstice at Del Mar Beach. They danced to music, played in the sand, and Gav got to play a little football with Daddy. 

Gavin and Gia at Winter Solstice


Horizon Christian Fellowship

Helping the Kindergartners paint heart valentines for their parents! 

Kindergarten volunteering

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Horizon Christian Fellowship

Pictured with Suzanne Newman President of  The Country Friends and The Twins- Cheri and Terri

The Country Friends

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Horizon Christian Fellowship

The Country Friends Havana Night Giving Hearts Gala.   59 Humanitarian organizations were announced as recipients of The Country Friends fundraising efforts for 2019

Giving Hearts Gala

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Horizon Christian Fellowship

Today, I got to help the Kindergartners make splatter paint bunnies!! Wow! They are great artists!

Kindergarten Splatter Paint