The field of plastic surgery is fascinating to many due to the way pop culture portrays it and the individuals who most visibly partake in it. As a result, plastic surgery has a negative stigma in some people’s eyes and a vibe that may come across as “unapproachable” or “only for the wealthy and vain”. In addition, until recently, the field was geared and marketed mostly toward women, with only the last 3-5 years seeing a huge increase in male patients. An undeniable truth exists that plastic surgery is a necessary evil in our society…..and as you follow along, we are confident you will come to find it is actually not that “evil”, but rather a complex and challenging artistic field geared toward one thing: creating happier, more confident individuals. 

For most individuals of my generation, our first introduction to “plastic surgery” was Pamela Anderson and her surgically enhanced Barbie doll figure running on the beaches in “Baywatch”. If the depth of understanding of the field is limited to the Hollywood starlets and what is seen on TV and in magazines, it is easy to see why a large subset of America could be turned off from the field. For me, growing up in a large conservative, tight knit medical family full of surgeons and primary care doctors who constantly helped others in their darkest hour, even I was guilty of falling for this stigma. It was not until my third year of medical school when I spent many months both in the operating room and office with a world-renowned plastic surgeon that my eyes were opened to the beauty, complexity, and necessity of this field in our world. 

I can go on for days about the thousands of patient’s lives I’ve seen improved and even saved by reconstructive plastic surgery throughout my residency in Chicago, fellowship in Houston, and now private practice in San Diego. It is obvious however, how many of the most common surgeries I performed throughout my training (replanting a thumb/fingers, repairing deep facial lacerations, fixing broken hands and wrists, putting crushed faces back together, saving trauma victims’ limbs by placing tissue over their open fractures, reattaching severed nerves so patients are able to move or feel sensation again, removing and reconstructing skin cancers, rebuilding women’s breasts after mastectomies for breast cancer, reconstructing burn victims, fixing toddler’s smiles who are born with cleft lips and palates, reconstructing babies born with birth defects, etc.) is life altering work that makes the world a better place and saves lives. What is less obvious, however, is how the subset of my beloved career I have chosen, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, can also improve people’s lives, and thus society as a whole. 

It amuses me that an awful, cliche saying in pop culture today very succinctly identifies what I feel is the single reason cosmetic plastic surgery has such incredible value in society: “YOLO” (You Only Live One Life). This statement is used by millennials everywhere as a way to explain why they partied too hard, spent too much money, performed some crazy act, or took a major risk in life just for thrills. In cosmetic plastic surgery, for me, it stands for something far greater: in this one amazing life we live, if something about yourself does not make you feel happiness, confidence, or comfort in your own skin, you have two choices……1) internalize these negative thoughts and feelings and continue living your life pretending to be happy, or 2) have courage to change it and embrace the positive life influences these changes will create. 

If my lovely wife (the person who knows me best in the world) were to be asked what one word describes me, she would without hesitation say “passionate”. I do not pursue anything in my life without passion, because the resultant victories or defeats along the way feel meaningless. There is nothing I am more passionate about in my life than my family and my career. I find it absolutely addicting to be a part of the confidence journey for each and every one of my patients. I genuinely love listening to each individual’s body concerns, formulating plans for change, executing our plan, and helping them through recovery. From something as seemingly minor as creating fuller lips, to the more involved full mommy makeover surgeries, the boost in happiness and confidence in my patients is ALWAYS palpable. Some refer to plastic surgery as “surgical psychiatry”, but I feel that is not a representative term. In the field of psychiatry, many times patients have diagnosed mental illnesses and require counseling and medications to help them function at a normal level in society. 

In cosmetic plastic surgery, while it is true that there are many mental illnesses that cause patients to seek my services (body dysmorphic disorder, depression, mania, etc), in general, my patients are realistic and sane individuals who simply want to feel better about themselves on a daily basis. It truly saddens me that many individuals feel judged and/or lack the courage and support system to seek these changes they identify as necessary to find happiness. I am passionate and dedicated to making people happy. Every day of my life revolves around making people smile and feel appreciated. I strive to be happy and put out positive vibes. I recognize when women change their hair color or style, wear a stylish outfit, have adorable children, smell nice, etc. I compliment men on their support for their spouses seeking surgery, their courage and vulnerability displayed seeking plastic surgery themselves and their dedication as husbands and fathers. This comes natural for me, and the field of plastic surgery, while challenging and demanding, has provided me an incredible opportunity to also make people happy within the confines of the career I love. The trust patients place in me and the increasing confidence and happiness my patients display throughout their body transformation journey with me makes me feel like the most blessed individual on earth. I never take my responsibility lightly and have made it the primary goal in my life to reach those individuals who lack the courage or support to pursue life happiness. We hope as you follow along you will see through images, videos, testimonials and the journeys of many of my special patients, the side of Plastic Surgery that made me fall in love with the profession. My 13 years of training and sacrifice after college were so worth the joy I receive seeing the transformations in my patients’ lives. I am forever grateful for the support and guidance I have received to get me to this stage and I will always remain humble, grateful and genuine in my approach. Enjoy this unique and candid insight into this remarkable field I’m blessed to call my own. 



I’m really excited to show you a small but absolutely amazing procedure! One place I never really paid attention to is my earlobes. I actually didn’t even know they looked as bad as they did it until Michael showed me a picture of them. They were completely stretched out and deflated. I knew I had some issues going on with them because when I tried to wear heavy earrings they were really stretched out and it was painful, and felt like it was eventually going to rip through. Michael said he had a way to fix them ! I’m super excited about the results! Head on over to our lifestyle blog in the plastic surgery section and I have the full post! You can check out to see how it was done! If you ever have questions about your earlobes and maybe rejuvenating them to make them look fuller and less deflated, maybe this is something you’re interested in? If you have any questions don’t hesitant to ask!



This case is pretty awesome!  Dr. David worked on this patient's face and neck while Michael worked on her body!  That is quite the tag-team approach.  This picture shows him doing liposuction on the bra-line after a breast lift and implants!  She is only lucky lady getting first-class treatment.



Michael had the unique opportunity to be featured in a segment of the Fox 5 San Diego news!  The topic was all about winter skincare.  Stay tuned for more segments!





is a cutting-edge plastic surgery practice offering first-class surgical and medical spa services delivered by world-class surgeons and staff located in the bustling UTC section of La Jolla. The partnership of Dr. Roy David, a renowned facial plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience, and Dr. Michael Rossi, a rising star in the field of breast and body cosmetic surgery, created what all patients deserve: a plastic surgery practice catering to each patient’s specific aesthetic needs. Unique to the San Diego area, at David and Rossi Cosmetic surgery you’ll be seen by a plastic surgeon specializing in either plastic surgery of the face, or plastic surgery of the breast

and body. In addition to two highly-trained surgeons utilizing the most advanced techniques, equipment and safety measures, the practice has its  own in-house surgery center and medical spa. Rest assured your private aesthetic experience is stress-free.

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David and Rossi Cosmetic Surgery is a vogue, cutting-edge plastic surgery practice located in the heart of the bustling UTC section of La Jolla that offers first class surgical and medial spa services delivered by world class surgeons and staff.  The partnership of Dr. Roy David, a renowned facial plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience in the area, and Dr. Michael Rossi, a rising star in the field of plastic surgery who recently relocated to San Diego from Texas, has created what all patients deserve: a Plastic Surgery practice that is uber focused and catered to each patient's specific aesthetic needs.  Unique to the Greater San Diego area, at David and Rossi Cosmetic Surgery, you will be seen by a plastic surgeon specializing in either plastic surgery of the face, or plastic surgery of the breast and body,  In addition to having two highly trained surgeons who ascribe to the newest cutting-edge techniques using the most advanced equipment and adhere to all the most recent safety measures, the practice has its own surgery center and medical spa residing within the office.  As a result, it is assured your aesthetic experience is both private and stress-free.  The days of seeing a general plastic surgeon for all of you face and body aesthetic needs are numbered and Drs. David and Rossi are a gleaming example of the benefits of seeking high-end service and specialty care in "the jewel" of Southern California.



Dr. Michael Rossi is a fellowship trained San Diego Plastic Surgeon specializing in body contouring surgery, including but not limited to: breast augmentation and reduction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), full body liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, brachioplasty (arm-lift), gynecomastia surgery, and fat grafting to the breasts and body. Like Dr. David, Dr. Rossi completed his surgical residency at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After completing his surgical training in Chicago, Dr. Rossi relocated to Houston, Texas to pursue three additional years of Plastic Surgery fellowship training at a premiere program in the largest medical center in the world. Dr. Rossi brings this advanced cosmetic surgery experience and his perfectionist approach to Southern California to showcase his unique surgical artistry.