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Thank God it’s Monday! It’s 5:45am and our first day of vacation! So I think whereas, I have never heard the term TGIM, today is quite fitting. We are about 1.5 hours into our 9 hour trip to Tahoe. I was sleepy eyed and looking out the window when I spotted a billboard that said “because no one says TGIM”. Figgling to myself, I thought... “That is exactly what am saying today!”

As Californians, we are experiencing our first “ski week.” Basically the week is made up of Lincoln’s birthday, Washington’s Birthday, Admissions Day , and 2 additional days of school holiday. I’m not complaining! It was a great time for us to capitalize on some AWESOME snow and do a family ski trip! Michael was also able to get away for the week and couple the ski trip with a Plastic Surgery conference located in our resort.

So far, we have only taken the kids to ski in Colorado, which we love! This trip to Tahoe will be a first for all of us! We are super excited to watch the kids find their ski legs again and to put lil Liv up on skis for the first time! Ski school? Nope! We taught the other 2 ourselves right around 2 years old, so now we get to teach our 3rd. It’s quite a workout, but we have never left them in any kind of camp or school while on vacation. I know it works great for others, it’s just not for us.

Well, it has been snowing like CRAZY up in Squaw Valley. So, fresh powder for days. Look at this report! 88 inches in the last 72 hours! Whoa.

OK, well... keep watching the blog for our ski trip updates!!!


Lindsey & Michael

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