• Lindsey Rossi

A fun, fashionable Havana Night!

Last night, Michael and I got to enjoy an evening together at The Country Friends Giving Hearts Gala. The theme was Havana Night and 59 different humanitarian organizations were announced to become beneficiaries of The Country Friends 2019 fundraising proceeds. The night was filled with fabulous fashion and lots of bright smiling faces. The event was held at the Fairbanks Country Club. Valet met us to walk up a beautifully lit pathway into a little slice of Cuba. After a visit with the photographer, you could mingle with the guests, grab a glass of wine or fresh mojito, enjoy shopping among the many items on the silent auction or raffle tables.

Although this was not our first event with The Country Friends, it was our first gala! I wore my Mrs. San Diego Co. sash and got lots of opportunities to talk about the title and the title of Mrs. California America. So much fun! Everyone enjoyed hearing about the pageant and what it entailed. Of course, they all wished me the best of luck too!

Since there was a theme to the gala, my handsome date, nailed it. As usual. Funny enough, he had all of the pieces to his outfit already in his closet. He had a vision and put it all together by himself. Not surprising though, right? I am pretty sure it was unanimous he won best dressed. Check out his awesome attire below! He even had a super hot pair of suspenders under his jacket. I wish you could see them better in the photos. Who doesn't love a man in suspenders?

I know fashion and themes are fun, but let me just say, The Country Friends is an incredible organization. As an organization, we announced 59 (yes 59) charitable organizations we will be donating to this year! That is so amazing! The group of women and their spouses that make up The Country Friends organization are all phenomenal. Here are the reasons I fell in love with this group:

1. The generosity

2. The ability to support and lift other women up (these are some of the most successful women I have ever been a part of)

3. The friendly, smiling faces that provide a sense of community

4. The fun and amazing events they plan and hold to raise money for the humanitarian organizations they support

Giving back to others is a huge part of myself and my husband. As a Plastic Surgeon and a Beauty Queen, our all-inclusive mission we champion to give back to others, is titled Beautifully Unique.___Be.U. We use this platform to celebrate the uniqueness of all individuals and their contributions to this world. The Country Friends and their mission falls directly in-line with what we believe. This is an organization that not only creates a sense of community, but gives back in order to better the lives of others.

I believe, when one is truly happy you find it contagious to want others to be happy. If you are searching for a place you can find yourself at home, and to do good for others, my suggestion is to find a place that truly aligns with what you believe and want to champion. Whatever that may be! Find what speaks to you in your soul, research organizations, determine their priorities and how they align with yours. THEN, go after it! It is never too late to do something good!

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