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Complacency the enemy of greatness.

I really love good motivating books. I’m not much of a fiction or sci-fi reader... maybe I would enjoy it. But since my time to read is limited, I really want to get something out of it.

Today I was reading a topic on

“Complacency, the enemy of success.”

I admit, I have a strong desire to push myself and my biggest competition is MYSELF. I am not one to compare myself with others to judge them, but to learn from them. Complacency is MY worst enemy and always has been. My motto since I was young is “if you aren’t doing something to make yourself better, you are getting worse.” I strongly believe those that work hard and excel and achieve should be rewarded for their work. In order to empower others and make the world a better place, we need to strive for greatness and reward those that attain it. Too often I see people being denigrated or discounted for their hard work only to reward average. Wake up people! Do not discourage greatness! Look around, it happens all the time. Maybe it has happened to you? Check out these excerpts to see what I’m talking about. Click on the photos to see the its entirety. It’s worth it!!

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