• Lindsey Rossi

EmSculpt- 200,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes

Have you ever heard of EmSculpt?  I hadn’t either!  Not until we were invited to try out this new technology for my husband’s practice.  It’s actually pretty interesting. Do you remember those ab shocking belts around the year 2000?  Well, it’s like that but on the highest dose of steroids possible. The idea is that it electro stimulates the full muscle causing it to have a deep contraction.  It is equivalent to 200,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes!  Wow!  Periodically in the treatment, there is a tapping mechanism to release excess lactic acid to keep you from getting muscle soreness.  Both sensations; the tightening and the tapping, were super interesting. It’s a crazy feeling when your muscles contract hard and you can’t control it!  Typically the treatment is a course of 4 over 2 weeks, each session at 30 minutes and it can be used in areas other than the ab muscles.  It was a super fun experience to try out this new technology!  Check out our photos and videos to see it in actio

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