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My even newer earlobe...

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

You may remember, about a month ago I posted about my new earlobes... well... the filler worked great for one of my lobes. However, my left ear was shot! The hole was so stretched out and an earring could almost make it's way right through the hole. Not to mention, any type of "heavy" earring would hurt like crazy and make it feel like it was going to rip completely through. So, my amazing husband did me a solid and totally fixed my left earlobe. I will have to have it re-pierced, but it definitely beats how bad the hole had stretched out! Surprisingly, it was a pretty quick, simple and painless fix! I will update this post once it is all healed!

1/31/2019 I got my stitches out! I just returned home from Las Vegas for my annual work meeting. In true Michael and Lindsey fashion, Michael decided around 11:00pm it was time for my stitches to come out of my ear. I took a seat on the bathroom counter under the best light we could find, I helped him by holding my hair out of the way and a few minutes later...Wah La! No more stitches! Everything is looking great! Still a little swollen but definitely much better!

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