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We are so excited to welcome Vinny, our new little French Bulldog! The kids have been learning some new responsibilities around the house! With a new puppy definitely comes some new chores, for all of us. The kids have adapted quite well. They love sleeping with him, playing with him, holding him, feeding him, and I won't say they "love" but they help clean up the poop too!

Back in December, we lost our little love bug Yorkie, Cooper. Cooper had been a part of our lives for almost 14 years. He was a real trooper making 7 moves with us, a new dog (Rocco), and 3 new babies! He had seen it all. The good, the bad, the ugly and the great! He was such a good boy and when he took his trip across the rainbow bridge, we thought, "ok, 1 dog is enough. we will hang with Rocco, and be a 1 dog family." Well, needless to say, that didn't last too long. We started noticing poor little Rocco looking sad and lonely. Plus we thought it would be great to let the kids have their own experience of raising a puppy.

We talked to lots of friends who are proud owners of Frenchies, did our research, and quickly decided this was the dog for us. Bred to be a companion, this gregarious little breed just wants to be loved and a part of the family! Perfect!

We fell in love with Vinny at first site, of all places, on Instagram. Gonzalez Empire Bullies in Menifee, CA is where we found our little guy. Carla, is amazing. She is so caring and truly wants the best for her pups. They are raised right in the house, among the family. They provided everything we needed to get Vinny home happily.

Gavin was so excited to welcome Vinny. He printed off his photo and carried it to school to show it to his classmates! Gia drew pictures to welcome him and even made him a house out of a box. (not so sure about that!) Liv likes to look at him from a distance, she is still not so sure. And Rocco, our 9 year old Yorkie, well, I'm not so sure he wants to be Vinny's best friend yet.

So, here we go! Adding more fun to the Rossi family. Some people have literally told us we are crazy for getting a dog... well, I guess they don't really know us, do they?

I will keep you updated as Vinny grows and all of the crazy puppy stuff he does! For now, check out some cute pics.



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