• Lindsey Rossi

What an Exciting Day: “Portraits in Excellence”!!!

Tonight, after a 5 day trip in Arizona for the holiday and a long drive home, I walked out to the mailbox to get all of the mail that had been delivered and piling up while we were away. Low and behold... the best surprise ever! Ranch and Coast magazine has published their "Portraits in Excellence" issue! San Diego's Ultimate Lifestyle Magazine serving the San Diego area and surrounding North County communities has honored Michael (Dr. Rossi) and Dr. David of David and Rossi Cosmetic Surgery! Seriously, what a great way to start off the year. Michael is so incredibly happy with his new practice and helping his patients achieve their body goals. I couldn't be happier for him and know he is elated in delight with this honor so soon into his career.

Check out the photos below of the actual ad, once I have the electronic files, I will add them to this post! Make sure to read the caption under the pictures. It is a great synopsis of them and their practice.



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